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Seite zwei

Seite zwei Branding & Design Wien While walking on the white and perfect streets of Wien with my friend Pablo Hache (who joined me a few days earlier in Berlin) we came across the Seite Zwei office. The office happened to be closed for holidays (it […]

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Studio AH-HA

Studio AH-HA Communication & Graphic design Portugal I didn’t visit Portugal during the Parasitour, but during the trip I got to know lovely portuguese people that pointed me to their beautiful country. That’s also how I got to know about Studio AH-HA and their mindblowing […]

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Deutsche & Japaner

Deutsche & Japaner Creative studio Mannheim I met Deutsche & Japaner online and, since Mannheim wasn’t on my places-to-visit list, the only way to get an interview with them was via email. Take a look into their projects and you’ll understand my urge to interview them! […]

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Undercast Antwerp (Belgium) Branding & Editorial design Undercast is a full-service graphic design agency from Antwerp (Belgium). They say that they first listen, then speak and finally let the magic do the job. Here’s what they have to say! Graphic design in Antwerp In Barcelona, it’s been quite some time since […]

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SNASK Branding, Stop motion, Live Action & Editorial design Unconventional ideas, charming smiles and real emotions Read his Manifesto I discovered Snask through the Beyonderground festival. Having a glance at their website, you can see how every project has its very own voice and how they manage to get the hugest […]

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Emilie is Qanine Toulouse (France) Graphic design and editorial Graphic design in Toulouse I remember when I first got into my formation, six years ago, the print design was a field quite recognized and impressive. Now that I’m out, everything has changed. Everyone with a […]

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Esteve Padilla

Esteve Padilla Soci fundador de 131gd  juntament amb en Pau Llop Graduats a Eina i fan de tot, sobretot Branding i Tipografia El disseny a Barcelona Sí que tinc la percepció de la desvalorització de la nostra feina. Hi ha molta gent fent disseny, molta […]

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Aymerich Comunicació

Aymerich Comunicació Jaume Aymerich + Anna Síper Direcció d’art, disseny gràfic i creació de continguts Especialistes en comunicació El dissenyador gràfic a Barcelona Jaume: Sí que tenim la percepció del deteriorament de la professió a Barcelona i el poc valor que els clients (alguns) donen […]

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Clara Roma

Clara Roma 29 años Trabaja en Egge Associats Está especializada en Branding El diseño en Barcelona Creo que se empezó a hablar de diseño gráfico en Barcelona, tal como lo conocemos, a raíz de las Olimpiadas del 92. Muchos estudios empezaron a surgir por la […]

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