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Germany, Mannheim

Deutsche & Japaner
Creative studio

I met Deutsche & Japaner online and, since Mannheim wasn’t on my places-to-visit list, the only way to get an interview with them was via email. Take a look into their projects and you’ll understand my urge to interview them!

With a distinct focus on holistic solutions, branding and corporate design as well as editorial and online performances, Deutsche & Japaner sets a high value on sustainable experiences.

Passionate about detail, independent of any physical condition, the studio offers expertise in various disciplines, including interior design and scenography as well as conceptual creation, art direction and strategic brand escort.


Graphic design in Mannheim

In Barcelona, it’s been quite some time since people first talked about a notable decline regarding conditions and quality of graphic design and about how clients value our work. Do you have the same impression? 

We could observe this discussion in general too. But we think it also the task of us designer to do something for the respect and esteem of our work.


Professional profiles

Do you specialize in a particular domain (branding, packaging, web design…) or do you offer a more generalized service?

As we are 4 designers with different backgrounds we work interdisciplinary and offer a wide range of services. The context of our projects is more sharp. Mainly: Design, Art, Life Style, Food, Fashion, …


Do you work mainly for the same clients or do you get selected assignments?

We have a few clients since years. Most of our projects are for new clients, mainly branding projects.



A D A – A Darling Accessory, is a Deutsche & Japaner initiative, developing a series of genuine handcrafted items.

Do you hunt for clients or do clients contact you? Do you follow a commercial sales or a customer fidelity strategy?

We are in the lucky situation that we never have had to do akquise or something like that. The clients find us.



How many designs do you usually suggest to a client?

1, 2 maximum.


Style & trends

Does a graphic designer need to have his own style or, for example, they have to follow the trends? Should a design be timeless, open for evolution or rather be adapted to the trends?

It is always our aspiration to create work that fits into its time but is also consistent enough to survive time and trends. So our influences are contemporary streams, but also the task itself. We would describe our design style like that: simple and thought through, but always trying to create and add an aesthetic twist to catch your eyes.


So would you say that Mannheim is innovative, has its own style or just copying designs that already exist?

Mannheim has not a big graphic design scene. So I would not say it is innovative in this case.


Do you know about graphic design in Barcelona? Do you think it has its own style?

We have an imagination of spanish graphic design, but not specifically Barcelona. So, … no idea 🙂


The designer of the future

Does the profession of graphic design need a facelift? What could we improve?

We think the profession of designers will be more holistic in the future. It is also very much connected to technology. Especially in the digital world he evolution is quite fast. So we should prepare ourselves to adapt quickly to new ways of communication. The designer always was and will be an ever-changing profession.


How do you explain to your clients the benefits from investing in graphic design?

As our clients are coming to us because they want exactly our visual language, we don’t have to explain that much. They know themselves pretty good the benfits of a well made design.


Should we make changes to the vocational training / academic career of a graphic designer in schools / universities, and if so, which?

We think the education in design school is more about meeting people who share the same interest, passion and vision as yourself. The schedule and the teachers only can help you with some basic stuff. Being a designer always also mean to be autodidact.


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I’m Miriam, a 31 years old graphic designer from Barcelona. A few months ago I left my apartment, quit my job, packed my things and left for this journey. Now I'm back in Barcelona, publishing all the interviews and working on my renewed portfolio. Follow me!

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